Lesuhorve is the Universal language to learn all other languages.

Listen to the history
When Daniel was a child he would make up words for things around him and for actions that he did. He was very imaginative and creative and he loved to make and play board games with his relatives and friends. Daniels first encounter with a foreign language was French in the 7th grade. Although he passed the course for the year, he did not mentally retain a sufficient amount of vocabulary in the language to speak it fluently.

Like most Junior High School students he found that endings for gender, number, person and case made it difficult to remember grammar and in French you had to remember what was masculine or feminine. This made it more tedious and frustrating to learn the language.

In the 8th grade he took French again but he still could not hold a conversation with a French speaking baby. There was no language courses in his High School because it was a vocational school, but he did learn other things that would help him in the future. After High School he decided to create a language of his own that would be less difficult to learn than any other language. Daniel decided to use color for his language because color is universal and plays a very important roll in psychologically and mentally controlling human emotion.

It has been 30 years since Daniels attempts at French and now his simplified language LESUHORVÊ is fully developed and taught with ease

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You can now learn the English Language much easier through the Lesuhorve Linguistic course.

ME HEY (MEE – HAY) = My Family

HEO (HEE – OH)  = Father

HEA (HEE – UH) = Mother

HEO (HAY – OH) = Son

HEA (HAY – UH) = Daughter

HEHEO (HAY – HAY – OH) = Brother

HEHEA (HAY – HAY – UH) = Sister

HEYO (HAY – YOH) = Grandfather

HEYA (HAY – YUH) = Grandmother

NEYO (NAY – YOH) = Grandson

NEYA (NAY – YUH) = Granddaughter

NE (NEE) = Child

NEE (NEE – AY) = Young male child

NEA (NEE – UH) = Young Female child

NEO (NEE – OH) = Older Male child

NEI (NEE – IGH) = Older female child